Fashion Shoot in Adelaide Hills

It gives me great pleasure to share these fantastic photo shoot images, from our recent Red Cross Winter Fashion Shoot. Mel and Dene had an absolute fun time prepping us for the outdoor location shoot. I couldn’t be more grateful for the good weather we had, even the ducks came out to say hello!

Note: Clothing sponsored by Red Cross Rundle St and Red Cross St. Marys. Shoes and watches, models owned.

Location: Wittunga Botanic Garden

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Weekend Thrift Tip

I came across this on Pinterest and had to share this with you. As you’re teaming up your Monday work outfits (for some of you who plan ahead!), be sure to add a thrifted item to your clothing mix for that extra character. After all, thrifted clothes gets more compliments. Am sure you’ll agree with me.

Wishing you a fabulous new week ahead. May you tackle the big projects with much enthusiasm and courage, recognise kind gestures amongst your work colleagues or friends and remember, to flaunt your thrifted outfits with poise and confidence!

Kamini xx

Note: Image sourced via

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Winter Fashion Shoot- Australian Red Cross

I’ve been yearning to spill the beans on my upcoming blogging project, now that everything is moving according to plan, I can finally reveal it and tell the whole world!

Ahem….drumroll please…

It’s gives me great pleasure to announce my upcoming collaboration with Australian Red Cross.  I’m organising a Winter Fashion Shoot spread for my blog, Op Shop Diva featuring winter clothes from the Red Cross op shops.

Together with two other lovely ladies, one an aspiring model and the other an advocate for social justice and global poverty, we will showcase various preloved winter threads from the Red Cross op shops.

I’ll be working closely with South Australia’s finest photographer, Mel Neumann of Portraits by Melissa Neumann. Mel scooped the South Australian Family Photographer of the Year in 2010 and South Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year in 2009. I have no doubt that she will whip out a spectacular photo shoot and work her magic as we ‘models’ strike a pose!

Mel has an amazing gift and talent, and she truly has an eye for beauty in all forms.

I’ve been toying with this idea for some months now, and when I met Mel and shared this concept with her, she was absolutely thrilled to collaborate with me.

The concept behind this fashion shoot: To feature the various preloved garments that come through the op shop doors, in a different setting. By embracing nature, the outdoors, familiar sights and locations across Adelaide. A winter fashion shoot to showcase the various colours, textures and styles that co-exists in an op shop. To encourage people to support and buy preloved garments at their local op shop. To acknowledge that their purchases are helping to build homes, schools, give women opportunities to run their small businesses and mostly to overcome hardship, poverty and injustice. To change your purchasing habits. To shop at your local op shop.

I would love for you to follow our behind the scene story as I will be documenting them over the coming weeks via my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@kamtiger).

I would like to thank the following businesses for their tremendous support and generosity in this fantastic collaboration. Please give them all a loud cheer and applause!

1. Clothing- Australian Red Cross

2. Photography- Portraits by Melissa Neumann

3. Hair Styling- The Styling Room with the lovely and delightful Lucette Baldwin

Mel and I are still on a hunt for a rad make up artist to join us on this fantastic project. If you know someone or you’re a fantastic make up artist who wants to contribute to this epic fashion shoot, leave a comment here.

Till then,
Kamini xx

Upcoming blog post: Meet the models!

Updates: Huge thanks to Mel for securing the gorgeous Mandy of Mandy’s Makeup for our official makeup artist. Can’t wait to work with Mandy soon!

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$1 Thrifted Gems

I snapped some hot bargains a fortnight ago. In a true ‘op shop diva’ style, I had finished an appointment and drove to the nearest Salvos in Marion to peruse their winter racks.

Lo and behold, before me was a $1 sale signboard on all jeans, slacks and pants.

Leaping with joy, I scanned the racks and came home with the following beauties.

A Country Road cotton pants. Original price with label tag : $109.00 Shop sale: $49.95 Op Shop: $5- lowered to $1

Flower black drawstring pants: $5- lowered to $1

Regatta slacks: $5- lowered to $1

Kmart Now brand black leggings : $5- lowered to $1

I am absolutely pleased with my thrifted finds. The best experience of op shopping would have to be scoring big, when you least expect too!



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To scarf with love..

Autumn/winter is one of my favourite seasons of all as I get to show off my scarf beauties and sample different tying techniques. If you enjoy street style fashion, hit the city or your fashionable street walk and observe what everyone is wearing around their necks.

Twirl, twist, curl, flip, crunch are some techniques many women and men are adopting in their fashion wardrobe, with one simple accessory. The humble scarf.

Youtube is an excellent platform for tapping in fashion and styling ideas, and I enjoy perusing various stylists and fashion bloggers who continue to inspire me. These are a few of my favourite styling videos and I hope you find some fun ideas with your bevy of scarves.

Start practicing those tying techniques now and incorporate them in your casual, work or evening wear.


Why I love it: LA based Wendy Nguyen, is an absolute fashion rock star. I’ve been following her on various social media platforms and love that she finds inspiration from random things around her. Her latest blog post revealed her recent fashion combo/colour styling was inspired from a box of macarons! You’ll find more of Wendy goodness here.


Why I love it: I’ve got my two prized pashmina’s in my scarf drawer and it ticks all the right boxes for me. Practical, classy and versatile in so many ways.


Why I love it: Because men deserve to look like GQ models everyday.


Why I love it: I absolutely love capes. Sadly, I don’t have one in my wardrobe but if I can source for a thick and long scarf in an op shop (perhaps a pashmina), I might finally own one!

Scarf 101:

a) There are 100 ways to wear a scarf.

b) Handwash in lukewarm water with fabric softener to ensure its longevity.

c) Fold, gently roll or loop your scarves in a tie hanger.

d) The famous Beethoven used his lucky charm, a silk scarf, at every performance.

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Thrifted Finds- Salvos Winter Sale

Today, I braved the miserable cold rainy weather in Adelaide and ventured out to do what I do best. Op shopping! With a chai cuppa in my car, eco bags in the back seat and winter tops resembling a human polar bear, I drove straight to Adelaide Showgrounds for Salvos huge winter sale.

Inspite of the weather, there was no stopping this op shop junkie from missing this winter sale!

When I arrived at the Showground, I saw the LED display that pointed to the sale hall. I jumped like an excited jelly bean, with semi soaked jeans and dashed to the hall.

And what an amazing sale hall it was. Rows and rows of tables greeted me, from this end to the very end of the room! Clothing from every texture. Knitwear, cotton, linen, satin, denim and more spilled on the long lanky tables. Every preloved threads was going for $1! One sweet dollar. Just the way an op shop sale should be.

Clothing racks were positioned at the right of the hall and everything on the racks were going for $2.99. I spotted gorgeous trenchcoats, winter coats, blazers, cocktail dresses and more!

I made a mental note of what I was after. Mostly knitwear, cardi’s and a couple of black long sleeved tops. I was desperate for a knitwear dress that would pair well with my Colorado boots, which I recently snapped for $5 during a recent op shop outing.

Thinking I might not have any luck, I came across one just before I turned in my basket at the payment counter. A gorgeous grey knitted dress from Katies, for $2.99. Don’t ya just love golden moments like that.

Overall, the crowd was pleasing and being a weekday, it wasn’t chock a block. I spotted plenty of fashionista’s, sweet old Nanna’s, mums with strollers, a couple of hippies and a good number of blokes who enjoyed fossiking vintage vinyl records, jeans, t-shirts and winter gear.

What stood out the most for me was knowing that this winter sale was hosted by various Salvos stores across SA. They were volunteers and clothing merchandise from intrastate stores, not just Adelaide based. I met a lovely German volunteer from Berri and we exchanged some German pleasantries ( I tried with my broken German) and she was an absolute darling to talk too. She even went out of her way to find me a basket, when I couldn’t find one at all.

I’ve featured a photo collage of what I bought today. The first top left photo of knitted dress and top cost me $2.99 each. The rest I scooped for a dollar each. Plus, I managed to find a perfect knitted beanie that will make plenty of appearances at my son’s soccer matches.

Just as I was heading to the cashier’s table, I spotted this very suggestive nurse outfit and had a chuckle! If you’re looking for one, it may still be there tomorrow! 🙂

In summary:

Winter sale: May 24-26, 2012 (Thurs-Sat)

Time: 9am-5pm

Where: Angus Pavillion, Adelaide Showgrounds

Payment type: Cash and eftpos

What can I find: Ladies, men and kids clothing. Books, toys, bed linen, some shoes, scarves, wallets.

Pricing: $1-$2.99

Fitting rooms- Nil

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I’ll have mine with a slice of glam sprinkled with diva-licious!

Two weeks ago, I shared on my Facebook page a couple of exciting projects I’ve been working on to offer YOU- my fabulous op shoppers and savvy bargain seekers. I started this blog based on my love and interest for op shopping and supporting the op shops community across South Australia.

I also think where possible, we can all make a difference as to how we keep our planet green by adopting smart environmentally friendly choices, hence I support preloved fashion and the slow fashion movement. If you want to know more about slow fashion movement, have a read on this fabulous article on this website.

On that note, I want to take this blog further and provide an A-list of services which promises to provide plenty of fun,  giggles, a place where we can come together and share our love for all things preloved, sprinkled with the Diva’s charm.

Are you ready to hear what they are? Here we go!

a) Clothing Swaps

I’ve been to many swap events and they are absolutely fun. You bring an ‘X’ amount of fashion items to swap for the same ‘X’ amount of fashion items. Think clothes, shoes, handbags (ooh la la!), shoes, accessories and more!). You’ll have your girlfriends with you, a glass of bubbly, I may throw in a pamper stall or two…and then you hit the swap hall and ‘shop’ till you drop!

Note: Upcoming event dates and price to be announced soon!

b) Op Shop Tours

A fully catered private op shop tour decked in glam and all things diva. (I won’t say more, you just have to wait till I announce my first op shop tour). You’ll get discounts from your op shop visits, priority services and even enjoy a light refreshment as you put your feet up after all that fossiking.

Note: Upcoming event dates and price to be announced soon! Men op shoppers are welcome too!

c) Preloved Vintage Collection

I don’t profess to be a vintage guru but when I do come across some selected pieces, I do stop and take a moment to drool over them. If there’s something you’re after and have been wanting a particular vintage beauty, tell me and I will check with my supplier and hopefully unite you with your much wanted treasure.

Note: This service is available Australia wide. I may extend this to international customers with an inclusion of postage and insurance. For now, I will showcase my collection on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

d) Online Designer Boutique

I saved the best for last. There comes a time in your life when a woman needs to pamper herself with these three fashion essentials and must have in your wardrobe. A Chanel No. 5, sexy lingerie and step out confidently with a Jimmy Choo, draping sexily over her arm. Now, don’t walk in your neighbourhood in that order, you know what I mean!

I am always on the look out for good preloved quality designer items. Think Australian labels and international labels. I’ll start with what I know best. Handbags, accessories and later introduce clothing if there is a market demand from you. I want you to be able to enjoy a slice of decadent, like I have during my buying rounds and step out confidently and ready to take on the world!

Note: This service is available Australia wide. I may extend this to international customers with an inclusion of postage and insurance. For now, I will showcase my collection on my blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s a peek of my private collection that I’ve been fortunate to have. If I can find these beauties for myself, imagine what I can source for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you go. I love to hear from you and find out what you’re after. Is there a certain brand you’re after, are you looking for something particular? Are you excited as I am? Do leave a comment in the box below and let’s get this sustainable fashion revolution going!

Till I touch base again, keep seeking out those treasures!

Your Op Shop Diva,

Kamini xx

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