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The day I brought a Louboutin home

This blog post needs no introduction as I’m gonna let my accompanying photos speak for itself. I must thank my twitter friend Erica for the heads up as I hit the Salvos store on Morphett St, and brought these hot … Continue reading

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$1 Thrifted Gems

I snapped some hot bargains a fortnight ago. In a true ‘op shop diva’ style, I had finished an appointment and drove to the nearest Salvos in Marion to peruse their winter racks. Lo and behold, before me was a … Continue reading

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Thrifted Finds- Salvos Winter Sale

Today, I braved the miserable cold rainy weather in Adelaide and ventured out to do what I do best. Op shopping! With a chai cuppa in my car, eco bags in the back seat and winter tops resembling a human … Continue reading

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I’ll have mine with a slice of glam sprinkled with diva-licious!

Two weeks ago, I shared on my Facebook page a couple of exciting projects I’ve been working on to offer YOU- my fabulous op shoppers and savvy bargain seekers. I started this blog based on my love and interest for … Continue reading

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Picture postcards

Photos..they are everywhere. Plastered on walls, parked in a cosy side table in the living room; framed in silver, gold, wooden frames in a hallway, or stored in your iPads or iPhones.  They run in hundreds and thousands, and more! … Continue reading

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Candle haven- op shop finds

All great achievements require time – Maya Angelou. Just like our personal and corporate achievements we celebrate in our lives, I like to think of op shopping as my personal quest to great achievement. It isn’t everyday that we’re fortunate … Continue reading

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Yorke Peninsula hidden gem- charity retail tourism at its best!

I’ve yet to explore Yorke Peninsula. From what I hear, you instantly fall head over heels with the Peninsula as you take in her panoramic sea views and rocky coastline. Plus if you’re a huge seafood fan ( like I … Continue reading

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