Salvos Pop Up Store- Adelaide Railway Station

Have I got some good news for you, my fellow treasure hunters and keen-as op shoppers! This Friday September 28, grab your eco shopping bags and head out to Salvos Stores pop-up store at the Adelaide Railway Station, from 1pm-6pm.

Salvos Stores will host this one off pop-up store for one day, as it celebrates its 130 years as an Australian institution of helping the disadvantaged communities. If you’ve ever wondered where your donation of goods or shopping goes to, here’s a quick snippet of info of how Salvos carries out its community work:

In a typical week, The Salvation Army provides approximately:

  • 100,000 meals and 8,000 food vouchers for the hungry
  • 2,000 beds for the homeless
  • 1,000 people with assistance in finding employment
  • Refuge for 500 victims of abuse
  • Assistance to 500 people with drug, alcohol and gambling problems
  • Offering assistance to thousands of people with counselling
  • 3,000 people with aged care services
  • Family tracing services to aid in locating missing family members

As always, I do encourage you to support your local op shops and shop preloved, as our sustainable purchases goes to many great causes. So, will I see you at the pop-up store this Friday? Expect to find good quality preloved threads, accessories and a host of bric a brac and give your home and wardrobe its much deserved spring makeover.

I was happy to secure an email interview opportunity with Tanya-Marie Richens, Salvos Store Manager at Kensington Gardens. Tanya previously came from a disadvantaged background and here she shares with me how Salvos stepped in and gave her hope to make something good for herself. I wish Tanya every happiness, warm wishes and certainly good blessings for her life.

a) What are your aspirations now?

I want to stay with Salvos Stores until I retire! I want to continue to improve the Kensington Gardens store by providing a great service to our customers.

b) What advise can you give to the youths who come from a disadvantaged background?

If people need help, I encourage them to contact The Salvation Army to provide assistance. The Salvation Army helped change my life. Once I was in contact with them, I set a goal and achieved baby steps to work up to it.

c) How did the Salvos help reunite you with your dad?

I ended up on the street when I found out the man I believed to be my dad wasn’t my biological father. The Salvation Army helped me by putting me into housing. I gave them everything I knew about my biological father including his name, approximate age and state he was in at the time. Within three months they had found him and I was able to meet him.

d) Your best moments working as a Salvos Store Manager

I ensure every store I work at becomes a success, because I know that the extra money I make goes to people in need. The best part of my job is knowing that by doing well I am helping others.

e) Best features of Kensington Garden store?

Our store has a boutique feel and great merchandising. I show people that you can take second hand items and make things look great. I have an excellent team of staff and two dedicated volunteers. We have vintage and designer stock, clothing, hand bags and shoes.

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2 Responses to Salvos Pop Up Store- Adelaide Railway Station

  1. Kelly says:

    What an awesome post Kam, thank you! Sometimes I think we can all forget what is ultimately behind the reasons for op shops exisiting in the first place, so this is a great reminder. Kel xx

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