The day I brought a Louboutin home

This blog post needs no introduction as I’m gonna let my accompanying photos speak for itself. I must thank my twitter friend Erica for the heads up as I hit the Salvos store on Morphett St, and brought these hot babies home.



Yes, I did good yesterday. I can finally say that I’m a proud owner of a Louboutin and a hot YSL. These pairs were brand new and the real deal too! ( I don’t buy or support fake goods). The usual RRP are above $1k and these hot shoes were going for $90 each.

Erica did good too. Way good! She snapped this delicious looking Manolo’s. I’m still drooling over them. Well done Erica!


Whilst I was there, I came across a stunning spring frock by Liza Emanuele, priced at $14.99. Enter drooling session Part 2.


This Salvos store is a goldmine of preloved designer labels. One that I adore the most. Why buy full price when you can thrift for these gems?

There’s still a couple of new designer shoes left at this store plus my friend Chloe, the Manager of Red Cross Rundle tells me they received a similar donation of brand new designer shoes. Get in there soon my fashionable friends and embrace that Carrie Bradshaw moment!

Kamini xx

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7 Responses to The day I brought a Louboutin home

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh My Lord ladies! Talk about picking up the most awesome things every from an op shop!!! I can only DREAM about Louboutins, let alone actually say a pair in the flesh! Swoon! Kel xx

  2. Fantastic finds ladies! 🙂 I’m very jelly! (Jealous.) I’m impressed with the generosity of the donors of those goods; they could’ve sold them on eBay if they’d wanted to but instead donated to the Salvos – good on them!

  3. chanelle says:

    You have YSL Tributes? *dies*

  4. teamifabbo says:

    Love it! That’s a fabulous find!!
    Would love to see you as an iFabbo member – we’re an organisation for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Head over some time! Keep up the brilliant blog!

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