Fashion inspirations for school mums

“What do I wear today?”. A common question shared by thousands of school mums who inspects their wardrobe, their mirror, only to find themselves in front of their wardrobe doors again.

School drop off, pick ups, soccer practices, chess meets, ballet classes, language classes, playdates, weekend footy and soccer matches and the endless list goes on.

What do I wear? Depending on the weather, location and if I’m tuned to a fashionable mood, I usually inject colour, comfort and style to my outfits. On some days, I pick out the 3 minute wardrobe. What’s a 3 minute wardrobe you ask? See below.

I love scanning the street-styled school mums at my school. Some are fashionable, some march in with their corporate suits, others prefer the comfort of their trackies and runners (I call them the Gym Goddess) and then there are those who throw the 3 minute wardrobe: See t-shirt, jeans and sneaker moms.

On that note, I’ve put together three fashion collages here; to inspire you, to give you some motivation to step out from your monotonous outfits, and try something different when you do your usual runs. We school mums certainly deserve a bit of pamper and style in our lifestyle too, seeing how we’re always on auto mode.

1. Morning Delights:

Kick start your school drop off, with a hint of fashion in your morning wardrobe. A little colour, something fashionable, comfy flats and a splash of make up will ensure you look fresh and ready for that girls coffee meet up, as you leap from classroom to cafe. Perfect for all school mums!

Morning Delights

2. The White Swan

A stylish and easy to assemble outfit as you accompany your daughter to ballet classes. Sit back and gaze at your princess as her graceful moves warms your soul.

The White Swan

3. Soccer Mums Rule!

Perfect pitch. Perfect goals. Perfect stylish soccer mums. If you’re like me, scream out loud when your son scores his first hat-trick!

Soccer Mums Rule!

I’m dedicating this blog post to all my Jessie Gals. The fun loving, smart, creative, dreams pursuing and hilarious school mums. For the times when we cheered and celebrated our victories at soccer matches, whispered silly conversations during school assembly, giggled uncontrollably during school pick ups and waved madly across the road as curious onlookers from the cars stare at us with dismay. I have truly enjoyed your company and look forward to many crazy fun days ahead!

Three cheers to fashion and friendship!

Keep smiling,

Kamini xx

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5 Responses to Fashion inspirations for school mums

  1. I like the soccer mum shoes, where can I find some?

  2. Kelly says:

    Kam, you are so clever! I love these!! What an inspiring and refreshing way to look at ways in which to dress quickly and conveniently and stylishly!! Keep these coming!! Kel xx

  3. Laura says:

    Love this post and all your ideas! Think I’ll be needing something a little warmer when I go to watch any footy though! (In my case I’m referring to AFL…) I try and aim for quadruple layers. x

  4. veryemily says:

    Hi, just wandering if you can recommend a good op shop for kids toys. I’ve got a 3yr old and am spending a fortune at target buying batman and transformer toys! Have had a look in our local salvos in the NE suburbs of Adelaide but no luck. Cheers Emily

    • Op Shop Diva says:

      Hi Emily, thanks for being in touch. I would say go to the bigger op shops as they tend to have more supply and stock of donated toys. Again, being an op shop, it all depends on the donations and you might not quite locate that special batman toy. Savers in Noarlunga is also good, and I would definitely be browsing Gumtree. I onced found heaps of Ben10 toys for my son via Gumtree. Good luck at your next op shop adventures.
      Cheers, Kamini

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