Short Film: THE OP SHOP

What a delight to have this media release come into my inbox today.  Think op shop, huggable Nanna types volunteers and your TV screen. At the comfort of your home and your warm couch, Australian Lee Rogers brings you the THE OP SHOP. 

This seven minute short film portays three spirited elderly ladies who come across an unusual donated object in an op shop, and each goes through a journey of self discovery as they try to decipher the purpose of the object. The film brings strings of surprises and abundance of humour, a familiar scenario I’m guessing volunteers encounter with their daily discoveries of quirky donated goods.

THE OP SHOP short film scooped the Best Comedy award at the Las Vegas Film Festival, earned an Audience Favourite vote at the Palm Springs International Shortfest and earned the Best Comedy gong at the Mexico International Film Festival.

Lee Rogers has certainly captured the essence of the op shop culture that Australians have come to love (from what I gathered in the film trailer) as the movie graces local and international film festivals shores.

Claim the TV remote on Sunday, August 19th and tune into SBSTWO at 9.25PM to catch this short film together with a series of other short films that will be featured that night.

Here’s a sneak peek of THE OP SHOP. I can’t wait to watch this. Perhaps, I’ll raid my op shops this weekend and see if I can discover any unusual object. If you happen to find one, share it with us here.

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3 Responses to Short Film: THE OP SHOP

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing this Kam, it looks so gorgeous, I can’t wait to see it! Kel xx

  2. Rina Chia says:

    Gorgeous! I’ll be tuning in.

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