Review: Aggies Op Shop

As you drive along Unley Road, you can’t help but notice the stunning architecture of an old church, St.Augustine’s Anglican Church, nestled in the leafy surroundings of Unley’s bustling neighbourhood, next door to the Unley Council office and library.

The church as most churches in Adelaide, runs an op shop, one that I am fond of. As you enter into the courtyard of Aggies op shop, a water feature welcomes you and a strategically placed clothing rack poised outdoor, bearing preloved threads and a handsomely 50% sale tag is a welcome sign to many.

A chapel shaped entrance framed with warm tones of bricks, portraits of oil and pastel paintings lay outside the entrance, onced presumably hanged over a fireplace mantle, for guests to gaze and boast of the painters artistic strokes.

Inside the warm walls of Aggies, stand in awe of the high beams that almost stretch out to welcome you into their safe bossom. High ceilings, beautiful crafted wooden beams perched against wooden slates, stack in uniformity. I can almost hear the choir rejoice, if I for a moment close my eyes, and imagine them clothed in their beautiful robes, stand before this very warm walls and majestic beams.

As you can tell, I come here to shop and certainly take in the beautiful and calm aura, which seems to exist in this very old and humble building.

It’s my refuge when I want to score a pair of beautiful shoes, designer tops (which I have brought many home), paintings, unique bric a brac and clothing gear for the kids.

I found myself chatting with a well dressed and poised lady who clearly lives in the posh hood postcode, and enjoys thrifting shoes and boots here. She tells me how she spotted seven pair of luxurious winter boots last week ( she had a Cinderella moment and bought one) and how Aggies seem to have good supply of dress shoes…ranging from kitten heel, stiletto, bridal shoes, pumps, flats, sling backs and more! Clearly, they are getting gently loved donations from women in the ‘posh hood postcode’.

We soon started pointing out our favourite shoes types and even passed on the bigger shoe size to me (I’m a size 8 1/2 or 9). She scored a couple of shoes, me nil. But I enjoyed the fittings and the humble catwalk I took on the wooden floors, much to everyone’s amusement.

A jewellery box, oil and vinegar bottle in a rack and a classic Victorian jug are some of the items that I scooped from Aggies. Pictures to follow suit. Read on to find out what makes Aggies a hot favourite for many to shop at.

In brief:

What’s this: Aggies op shop.

The look: Cathedral accents.

Hot feature: Dark ceiling beams, chapel shaped doors and walls.

Extra: Floor spills with racks of ladies clothing.

The crew: Have You Met My Nanna? Friendly. Cheerful. Comical.

Get there: 183, Unley Road, Unley.

Website: St Augustine’s

Opening hours: Tuesday- Friday: 10am- 3pm, Saturday: 9.30am- 1pm

Needs: Clothing, bric a brac. Does not sell furnitures.

Enjoy these pictures of Aggies and be sure to include them at your next op shop outing.








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7 Responses to Review: Aggies Op Shop

  1. Kelly says:

    Oooh I love the look of this place Kam – great review! I love Victorian stuff, you’ll have to post a pic of your jug!! Kel xx

    • Op Shop Diva says:

      Thanks Kelly! Was drying the jug, hence couldn’t take the picture. Will post it tomorrow. It’s perfect, especially with a bunch of posies.

      Big hugs! K xo

      • Kelly says:

        Oooh yes, pictures when you can Kam! What a great idea too, to use it for flowers – I’ve got a couple of small jugs/teapots which are just a bit too small to display a really great big beautiful bunch of flowers, so I’m always on the lookout for something a bit more robust! Hope you are well lady xxo

  2. I’m jealous – I want this place in Manchester!

    • Op Shop Diva says:

      Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! Just popped into your blog too, so pleased to meet someone who shares the same obsession with me! I hope you find plenty of treasures along your way.

      Kamini xx

  3. Don says:

    Love what you have written about Aggies. It is a very professional arcticle, and it leaves me so proud.
    1 As a councillor of the City of Unley who cherises the various community groups in our fair city and,
    2 As a warden of st Augustines.

    I have provided a link to your page from my own blog and will pass it on likewise to the Church and the girls of Aggies.

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