Weekend Thrift Tip

I came across this on Pinterest and had to share this with you. As you’re teaming up your Monday work outfits (for some of you who plan ahead!), be sure to add a thrifted item to your clothing mix for that extra character. After all, thrifted clothes gets more compliments. Am sure you’ll agree with me.

Wishing you a fabulous new week ahead. May you tackle the big projects with much enthusiasm and courage, recognise kind gestures amongst your work colleagues or friends and remember, to flaunt your thrifted outfits with poise and confidence!

Kamini xx

Note: Image sourced via justlittlethings.net

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One Response to Weekend Thrift Tip

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanku Kam! I have managed to do just that, and I am always a little proud of myself when someone comments on the thrift part of the outfit!! Hence why I titled my blog that name, as that seemed to be the main question haha. I hope all is well your way and your new project is coming along nicely! Kel xx

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