$1 Thrifted Gems

I snapped some hot bargains a fortnight ago. In a true ‘op shop diva’ style, I had finished an appointment and drove to the nearest Salvos in Marion to peruse their winter racks.

Lo and behold, before me was a $1 sale signboard on all jeans, slacks and pants.

Leaping with joy, I scanned the racks and came home with the following beauties.

A Country Road cotton pants. Original price with label tag : $109.00 Shop sale: $49.95 Op Shop: $5- lowered to $1

Flower black drawstring pants: $5- lowered to $1

Regatta slacks: $5- lowered to $1

Kmart Now brand black leggings : $5- lowered to $1

I am absolutely pleased with my thrifted finds. The best experience of op shopping would have to be scoring big, when you least expect too!



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4 Responses to $1 Thrifted Gems

  1. Erica says:

    Now that, is an absolute bargain!

  2. Wow…lucky girl. Love those days. OpShopLove to ya.

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