To scarf with love..

Autumn/winter is one of my favourite seasons of all as I get to show off my scarf beauties and sample different tying techniques. If you enjoy street style fashion, hit the city or your fashionable street walk and observe what everyone is wearing around their necks.

Twirl, twist, curl, flip, crunch are some techniques many women and men are adopting in their fashion wardrobe, with one simple accessory. The humble scarf.

Youtube is an excellent platform for tapping in fashion and styling ideas, and I enjoy perusing various stylists and fashion bloggers who continue to inspire me. These are a few of my favourite styling videos and I hope you find some fun ideas with your bevy of scarves.

Start practicing those tying techniques now and incorporate them in your casual, work or evening wear.


Why I love it: LA based Wendy Nguyen, is an absolute fashion rock star. I’ve been following her on various social media platforms and love that she finds inspiration from random things around her. Her latest blog post revealed her recent fashion combo/colour styling was inspired from a box of macarons! You’ll find more of Wendy goodness here.


Why I love it: I’ve got my two prized pashmina’s in my scarf drawer and it ticks all the right boxes for me. Practical, classy and versatile in so many ways.


Why I love it: Because men deserve to look like GQ models everyday.


Why I love it: I absolutely love capes. Sadly, I don’t have one in my wardrobe but if I can source for a thick and long scarf in an op shop (perhaps a pashmina), I might finally own one!

Scarf 101:

a) There are 100 ways to wear a scarf.

b) Handwash in lukewarm water with fabric softener to ensure its longevity.

c) Fold, gently roll or loop your scarves in a tie hanger.

d) The famous Beethoven used his lucky charm, a silk scarf, at every performance.

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2 Responses to To scarf with love..

  1. I love scarves and love this post – so many great ideas! Great scarves are one of the best things to find at opshops in my experience, and can completely make or remake an outfit… it’s such a pleasure to *meet* your blog!
    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

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