Thrifted Finds- Salvos Winter Sale

Today, I braved the miserable cold rainy weather in Adelaide and ventured out to do what I do best. Op shopping! With a chai cuppa in my car, eco bags in the back seat and winter tops resembling a human polar bear, I drove straight to Adelaide Showgrounds for Salvos huge winter sale.

Inspite of the weather, there was no stopping this op shop junkie from missing this winter sale!

When I arrived at the Showground, I saw the LED display that pointed to the sale hall. I jumped like an excited jelly bean, with semi soaked jeans and dashed to the hall.

And what an amazing sale hall it was. Rows and rows of tables greeted me, from this end to the very end of the room! Clothing from every texture. Knitwear, cotton, linen, satin, denim and more spilled on the long lanky tables. Every preloved threads was going for $1! One sweet dollar. Just the way an op shop sale should be.

Clothing racks were positioned at the right of the hall and everything on the racks were going for $2.99. I spotted gorgeous trenchcoats, winter coats, blazers, cocktail dresses and more!

I made a mental note of what I was after. Mostly knitwear, cardi’s and a couple of black long sleeved tops. I was desperate for a knitwear dress that would pair well with my Colorado boots, which I recently snapped for $5 during a recent op shop outing.

Thinking I might not have any luck, I came across one just before I turned in my basket at the payment counter. A gorgeous grey knitted dress from Katies, for $2.99. Don’t ya just love golden moments like that.

Overall, the crowd was pleasing and being a weekday, it wasn’t chock a block. I spotted plenty of fashionista’s, sweet old Nanna’s, mums with strollers, a couple of hippies and a good number of blokes who enjoyed fossiking vintage vinyl records, jeans, t-shirts and winter gear.

What stood out the most for me was knowing that this winter sale was hosted by various Salvos stores across SA. They were volunteers and clothing merchandise from intrastate stores, not just Adelaide based. I met a lovely German volunteer from Berri and we exchanged some German pleasantries ( I tried with my broken German) and she was an absolute darling to talk too. She even went out of her way to find me a basket, when I couldn’t find one at all.

I’ve featured a photo collage of what I bought today. The first top left photo of knitted dress and top cost me $2.99 each. The rest I scooped for a dollar each. Plus, I managed to find a perfect knitted beanie that will make plenty of appearances at my son’s soccer matches.

Just as I was heading to the cashier’s table, I spotted this very suggestive nurse outfit and had a chuckle! If you’re looking for one, it may still be there tomorrow! 🙂

In summary:

Winter sale: May 24-26, 2012 (Thurs-Sat)

Time: 9am-5pm

Where: Angus Pavillion, Adelaide Showgrounds

Payment type: Cash and eftpos

What can I find: Ladies, men and kids clothing. Books, toys, bed linen, some shoes, scarves, wallets.

Pricing: $1-$2.99

Fitting rooms- Nil

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2 Responses to Thrifted Finds- Salvos Winter Sale

  1. Helen says:

    I’d say my best couple of buys were a new with tags wool skirt original price, $350! And a mid thigh tweed Sportscraft jacket my Uni student daughter hasn’t taken off since she got home, perfect with her new blck riding style boots. I was buying to repurpose but she has saved them both from my scissors. 🙂

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