Why you should shop at your local op shop this Easter

You know Easter is in the air when you spot your supermarket check  out girls decked in pink fluffy bunny ears, TV ads run chocolate coloured ‘I need to control my hip size’ ads and you get a letter from school asking if you could help with their Easter craft workshops. I did by the way, not expand my hip size but ran a fun craft workshop for my son’s Year 1 class.

At this time of the year, families tend to go overboard with their Easter preparations, what with all the entertaining, decorations and all. Instead of doing more damage to your credit card (put them away!), you can still plan a huge Easter get together by incorporating decor pieces and more from your local op shop.

It goes without saying that I have always picked out some amazing items at my op shops outing when it comes to any celebrations or festivities. Here are some reasons why you should op shop this Easter and make it your best one yet!

1. Table Decoration – From centrepieces, placemats, table runners, crockeries and more, you can find anything you fancy in an op shop. Pick a colour or theme and stick with it. If you’re hosting lunch, try pastel colours like baby blue or a soft lavender. For an evening look, I like to incorporate a stunning red, silver or a bohemian look to bring out the bold colours. Who said Easter is all about restricting it to yellow?

2. Crokery– You’ll never find an op shop sans crokery..if you do, tell me where and I will speak to their manager. With a plethora of plates, soup bowls, side plates, culteries and serving bowls, there are so many to pick and play with when you’re visualing how your dining table will look like. Be different, pick wooden bowls and serving plates to serve your food, or if you like the old vintage look, there are plenty of tired looking bowls and casserole bowls waiting for their ‘spotlight moment’ on your table!

3. Decorations– My favourite op shopping excuse! If you’re after pillows or a throw for the sofa, this is a great time and excuse to shop. Perhaps your current curtains look tired and your nearest op shop just had a Laura Ashley curtain set donated. Well, I’m allowed to dream right? Look for Easter themed items that inspire you. A vintage watering can will hold your flowers, a mother hen shaped bowl for fruits, egg cups in various colours and textures are great for candles, small flowers or dyed eggs.

4. Crafts– Keep the kids busy with Easter craft projects. Look for coloured papers, glitter, ribbons, doilies, buttons and more. Every op shop is unique and bursting with so many craft ideas.

5. Clothing– Add some spunk to your family wardrobe by picking out a new outfit for your family lunch. If you’re one who delights in yearly family pictures, you’d want to look your best. There are plenty of beautiful threads to pick from your op shop racks. A simple wash, iron and plenty of love will go a long way in keeping your preloved garments in tip top condition.

Use the above creative and cost effective tips and I guarantee you will have a fun op shopping experience plus a satisfactory Easter celebration.

So whether you’re hosting a large family lunch do, spending your Easter Sunday in a reflective mode in church or packing the whole family ( Nanna and cat included!) to your favourite holiday destination, I hope you have a very special, safe and beautiful Easter. Don’t forget to stock up your chocolate supply for the fun egg hunt.

Kamini xx

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4 Responses to Why you should shop at your local op shop this Easter

  1. Absolutely agree with you..so much money spent on chocolate. I bought my boy a science experiment and a couple of eggs. We have a tradition, the humpty dumpty egg is very special..I use to get this when I was little and now have passed it on to my soon..it has smarties inside. Great post!

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