Inexpensive Christmas Centrepiece Ideas

As I write this, it’s 2 sleeps till Christmas and I’m sure everyone is out and about finalising their Christmas shopping. Perhaps you’ve taken out your mum’s china collection or polishing the silverware before they find themselves on the dining table amidst the elaborate Christmas table setting.

Earlier, I went through my cupboard inspecting crockery, table linen and deco for this weekend’s Christmas lunch. I’ve set aside the silverware, my Anders Petter serving cutlery set ( a gift from my aunt) and wine glasses.  Which led me to centrepieces. I haven’t bought any centrepiece this year as I usually make do with what I have in my craft box, kitchen, previous op shop finds or homemade Christmas deco from the kids.

I find homemade centrepieces fun to make plus they are more personalised as they carry a bit of you when you host a special Christmas do.  Hence, this Christmas I’m making my own centrepiece. Something different and hopefully creative.

I’ll go back to basics and seek pieces from the garden, park, craft cupboard, scan thrifted Christmas deco and handmade items. If you haven’t come up with a Christmas centrepiece, here are some of my favourite back to basics centrepiece inspiration. I hope you’re able to incorporate some of these in your home this Christmas.

1. Cones, twigs, branches and leaves

2. Pebbles, sea shells and clean sand. (Perfect for our summer Aussie Christmas!)

3. Baubles, beads and Christmas stars. (Line them along the table or use as a focal point)

4. Fruit/Vege centrepiece ( add various colour, shape and size for variety. Double up as desserts or afternoon snacks!)

5. Soft toys.  Santa teddy bear, snowman, angels and the likes.

6. Candles. Tall, short, colourful and floating.

7. Empty white wide vase. Throw in baubles, apples, cones etc. Use your imagination. Go wild!

8. Flowers. Simple and easy. Avoid nipping from your neighbour’s garden though.

9. Handmade decorations from the kids. Needs no explanation.

10. Lastly, Christmas wreath. Add candle, poinsettia or fairy lights.

Christmas op shop finds from 2010

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