Review: Red Cross store, St Marys

In a somewhat suburbian St Marys off South Road, there is a heady mixed of car showrooms, service stations, churches and retail for its community. Enter recycled chic store. Bright red, splashed with huge images of colourful cladded women on the window panel, this is South Road’s sustainable fashion oasis.

New, inviting and artistically laid out, the Red Cross store on St. Mary’s offers a good fusion of preloved, retro and new gear. Generous with its racks of accessories, I enjoyed sampling its numerous hats, headbands and jewellery.

Women’s clothing are aplenty. Stylish, fashionable and assembled in colour codes for easy retrieval. If you’re a handbag addict, like me, there’s  something for everyone. Take your pick; from casual, office to evening wear. Have your partner with you? No worries, park him at the men’s section and watch him stare aimlessly at the huge stock of jeans, blazers, coats and handsome shirts. If he still doesn’t fancy the retail experience, offer him directions to the book corner.

The kids corner beckons to be discovered. Puzzles, toys, dress ups and more. A hint of Alice in Wonderland you might say.

I managed to find a traveller’s zone, much to my delight. Preloved and good quality suitcases all awaiting a new voyage.

Unique and retro furniture pieces have found their way here. Pick up an oil painting, set of books and knickknacks and you’re all set for a new reading room makeover. Move aside Martha Stewart.

I highly recommend this store to everyone. Make a date with this op shop. This one’s a keeper.

In Brief:

What’s this: Red Cross St. Marys store

The look: Bright and inviting.

Hot feature: Very spacious. Rows and rows of clothes!

Extra: Large, bright and airy changing rooms.

The crew: Friendly and eager to help.

Get there: 1267-1269 South Road, St Marys.

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 9am-5pm/ Sun: 11am – 5pm.


Needs: Volunteers, donation of clothing, goods, books and bric-a-brac

A bevy of hats.

Something warm, something fuzzy

Sea of Red

How many shoes do you have?

Male zone


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