Picture postcards

Photos..they are everywhere. Plastered on walls, parked in a cosy side table in the living room; framed in silver, gold, wooden frames in a hallway, or stored in your iPads or iPhones.  They run in hundreds and thousands, and more! We can’t seem to get enough of our lens buddy. I have photos from my travels, children, food samplings, weekend outings or when I see a good subject which I can’t seem to ignore.

I’m not a professional photographer, but am an avid snapper. A happy chirpy mum who loves to snap at any given opportunity, much to her sons’ dismay. One would strike a pose, the other would lament.

So, here are some of my collection, my happy snappy pictures. Enjoy them!

I love looking at various book covers and designs. This one was a clear stand out in the bookstore. I found a gorgeous book with Indian recipes, and much to my delight, the book was cladded in a rice bag! Win!

An Indian recipe book with a rice bag book cover

All vintage luggages deserves the best spot and care in your home. Park them under your hallway table, stack them to make a coffee table or simply hang them on the wall for great conversation starters with your guests.

A gorgeous rustic vintage luggage, spotted at an op shop outing.

Rose garden, rose tea, rose lippie, rose parfum….

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Can you say meow? This is my furry baby. Meet Chester. Also known as Sir Chester…or Bimbao.

Chester the furball

Every winter, my bestie Mandy bakes me her famous sticky date pudding. I am blest!

My comfort food.

A new friend I found during my travels to Mount Gambier in 2010.  Treasure them, they should not, and never be subject to racing.

Horse in Mount Gambier

My very first attempt in baking and decorating a soccer cake. My 8th year old boy was over the moon!

My son's birthday cake.

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1 Response to Picture postcards

  1. lllouise says:

    Wow, that suitcase is amazing. I’ve been keeping an eye out for luggage to store all my out of season clothes and I can only dream of finding a suitcase like that

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