Hello lover!

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City walked past a window shop and seductively uttered, “Hello lover!” to a sexy and delightful pair of shoes. Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I recently dropped into Aggies op shop. Sea of shoes in every imaginable colour, texture and cut whispered for my attention.  I obeyed and as I traced my fingers gently on every bead, bow and satin texture, I could almost hear my heart flutter with excitement.

They had some beautiful selections at incredible prices, and the shoe range from corporate, evening , casual to sports. Ooh la la!

A drop of bling from Malaysian designer Lewre


Delightful Tony Bianco heels


A slice of chocolate heaven from Charles Keith


I brought these babies home! Slingback cost me $3.50.

This week has seen me on a massive shoe addiction outing,  next week I will show you my stunning bag collection…all preloved and if memory serves me correctly, I wil have 15 preloved bags (and counting!) to share with you.

I hope this week has been a successful op shop outing for you, and if you haven’t hit any, there is still tomorrow and the weekend. So get out there and find your treasures.

Signing off from rainy Adelaide,

Kamini xx

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2 Responses to Hello lover!

  1. erica louise says:

    Shoes are my BIGGEST weakness, and, thankfully (or maybe not!) op shops always seem to stock my size? Love your slingbacks, bargain price x

    • Op Shop Diva says:

      Thanks Erica, aren’t they just lovely? I usually never have much luck with sizes, but this was a winner! p/s: Shoes AND handbags are a necessity for us women! 🙂 xx

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