An ode to friendship and life- an afternoon with Tempranillo

I was recently selected as one of the 24 wine reviewers for the National Wine Centre Uncorked Blogger competition. Sinced collecting the Waywood Tempranillo, I have been raving about my precious cargo at every pit stop. From the laundry mart, twitter to school pick up.

To savour this delectable bottle, I planned a dessert picnic in the park with my bestie Rebecca. Cupcakes, mini muffins, marshmallows, fruits and oodles of laughter from the kids accompanied our picnic outing, set under a gazebo.

As we reflected on life and the possibilities of triumphs and opportunities in the future, the Tempranillo was a perfect companion in celebrating the joys and comfort of sisterhood and friendship. There’s something unique about sisterhood. It’s like an untold tale that doesn’t need much elaboration as the depth and strength of each character speak for themselves. The Tempranillo bear these same traits. Strong, rich and full of warmth.

It’s a perfect drink to celebrate friendship, awaken love, unite drifters or arouse the temptress.

‘Enjoy in good company’ states the label on the bottle. I certainly have and look forward to many more good life moments!

Dessert picnic awaits us!

Choc frosted cupcakes. Nom nom..

Mini muffins in banana, chocolate chip and blueberry flavours.

Sweet strawberries to complement the Tempranillo

The very handsome Tempranillo

New Tempranillo converts!

The kiddos who will go forth and form their own friendship.

Guess who dropped in?

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