Candle haven- op shop finds

All great achievements require time – Maya Angelou.

Just like our personal and corporate achievements we celebrate in our lives, I like to think of op shopping as my personal quest to great achievement.

It isn’t everyday that we’re fortunate to spot a vintage designer suit or handbag or perhaps that coveted painting that you saw in the Art Gallery but instead picked out a faux version in your local op shop. Achievement. Preloved items bought for a song. Double achievement.

Two weeks ago, I picked up these stunning home decor pieces from a garage sale. An avid home decor collector, I couldn’t be more happier with my finds.

This majestic candle stand cost me a mere $1. Great achievement indeed! (Apologies for the blur shot)

Pretty mosaic candle holders to look at whilst I dine.  Both for $1. Sweet!

These salamander candle holders will find a new resting spot in the bath tub. I paid $2 for these babies.

A couple of weeks ago, we headed to the hills for my son’s soccer match. Being a devoted soccer mum, I cheered the team with much gusto and later persuaded my boys to an op shopping adventure in the neighbouring suburb.  So, my son’s soccer team won their match and I scored another achievement with these delightful finds. Check them out!

A canvas art to fill a void in my hallway, bought at $2.

Every boy wants to be Ben10. I picked this almost new t-shirt at $3. Needless to say, my no.2 son was beaming with big wide smiles.

I think I have more candle holders to start my very own ‘sui generis’ op shop! Picked this one at $3.

The above items were sourced from the RSPCA op shop in Blackwood. I highly recommend a visit as their prices are low, they are well stocked and all sale proceeds are channelled to support the furry friends at the animal shelter. For more info on their list of op shops in South Australia, check out their website.

The next time you embark on a preloved shopping adventure, remember these three easy steps. Take your time, exhibit patience and put on your armour of achievement.

Till we meet next, here’s to more preloved shopping adventures!

Kamini xx

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