Adelaide’s Giant Clothes Exchange

Clothing swaps are fun! They not only offer an instant wardrobe makeover, it’s a perfect excuse to hang out with your girlfriends and go through other people’s treasures.

This weekend, the biggest clothing swap event is set to take place in Adelaide. Hosted by the Paradise Women group of Paradise Community Church, the Adelaide’s Giant Clothes Exchange will delight any fashionistas and newbies!

Get the scoop here:

Date: Saturday, May 14th

Time: 10AM

Venue: Youth Hall, Paradise Community Church, 57 Darley Road, Paradise

How it works: Register at the church by May 13th for a $5 entry fee, bring 5 items or more to pre check-in your clothes or pay $10 at the door at event day. Additional purchases for $2. Bargain or what!

What to bring: Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and an appetite, as morning tea and lunch is available for purchase.

Cause: Part proceeds goes to the Queensland flood victims.

So, gather your girlfriends and go glam by going green!

If you haven’t been to a clothing swap event, here are some key pointers for you to master.

1. Raid your wardrobe for 5 items or more which you no longer will wear ( ensure they are in good wearable condition!) The same goes with your accessory bowls, handbags and scarves ( take everything out and select the ones which will go to a new home!)

2. Wear flat shoes as chances are you would be zipping from one rack to another. Leave those 9 inch stilettos at home!

3. Dress light (depending on weather) as you want to be able to try out some clothes with ease and comfort.

4. When in doubt, ask a friend. “I wonder if this orange top will pair well with the zebra leggings?” Hmmm…

5. Bring your shopping bags, this is an eco friendly event after all.

6. Lastly, have fun, giggle and enjoy your goodies!

Got a tip to share with us? Leave a comment here. I love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to Adelaide’s Giant Clothes Exchange

  1. Lizzie says:

    Hi Im just wondering if there will be another clothing swap anytime soon, sometime this year?
    Thanks Lizzie 🙂

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