A whimsical outing

I was very pleased with my recent shopping experience at Salvos. I rarely make a list when I op shop, as I love the spontaneity and thrill of finding something unique or designer wear. Imagine my surprise when I came across a Laura Ashley cardigan and a Witchery jacket. Just perfect to keep me warm this autumn!

Laura Ashley black cardigan, a perfect find at $12.99

Such pretty detailed stitches across the neck line

Witchery, double breasted corduroy jacket. A bargain at $12.99

From my previous blog post, my blog readers would appreciate my fondness for jewellery boxes, I seem to collect them in all shapes and colours. Meet Marty who has now joined my proud collection. He sits handsomely on my bedside table and he’s perfect for storing loose buttons, hair clips or the occasional Legos.

I found Marty sitting alone amidst scented candles and I knew I should bring him home! A $1.99 find.

Will you be op shopping this week? Are you updating your winter wear or perhaps adding a new look to your living room? I love to hear what you bought, share it with us!

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2 Responses to A whimsical outing

  1. Erica Louise says:

    Aww how cute is your little zebra box! The Laura Ashley cardi is adorable too, perfect for winter

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