Review: Op Shop- Goodies, Beulah Park

There’s something about an op shop within a church grounds. The architectural details, stained glass windows, majestic high ceilings and bronze rivets on solid wooden doors all lend a feeling of surrealism and grace as I enter its doors.

Today, I’m delighted to share my op shop review on Goodies in Beulah Park, I hear it’s a perfect oasis of treasures and troves for any op shoppers; where the prices are low, and the stocks plentiful. Just the way we like it!

Run by Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church , all profits from the op shop goes to the  local and international Outreach programs. Adelaide’s pride, The Clayton-Wesley enjoys a rich heritage and historical background of over 150 years, boasting a historic cemetery and the popular classic pipe organ.

With a chapel-inspired shaped door greeting cheerful and eager op shoppers ( like yours truly!), I was greeted by two friendly volunteers who showed me around the shop.

Rows of wooden racks hosting ladies tops, flowing swivel skirts, dresses, jackets, jeans and more stand in order in the left rear of the shop. Behind the women’s clothing section, shoes of every imaginable shape, colour and size sit prettily boasting its beaded covers, sexy silver straps and rustic leather.

Over to the right, there are handsomely laid shirts, neatly pressed jackets, jeans, pants and t-shirts that will hold well for a weekend barbie or family bowling night.

A favourite with most Adelaide mums would have to be the kids section. Bursting with bargains as low as $2 for a shirt or dainty dress, I spotted the much loved brands of Pumpkin Patch, Esprit and Gap. With a good and steady collection of children’s clothing, Goodies is every mother’s new BFF.

Those who enjoy pairing linen with china will adore the lacey and eloquent linen collection. Stored in a vintage office filing cabinet, you can grab pillow cases and tea towels for 50c and serviettes for just 20c! Ah, a heart stopper indeed and utterly perfect for an autumn picnic in the park.

You may also want to check out their bric-a-brac shelves, filled with vases, bowls, glassware collection, countryside wooden carvings with the usual suspects of Mother Duck and her ducklings and more!

For the curios retro hunters, browse through magazines and books, some dated from the 70s and 80s era. There are furnitures to jazz up your reading room or perhaps add a different mood to your hallway.

I simply adored Goodies as it certainly did live up to its name- a store filled with goodies indeed! The prices were low, the linens were just soft and perfect to caress, the volunteers were warm and friendly and ever ready for a good conversation.

If you haven’t already, put Goodies on your must-visit op shop list and don’t forget to bring a smile to these amazing volunteers who work so hard in giving back generously to the society.

In Brief:

What’s this: Goodies op shop, corner of The Parade & Portrush Road in Beulah Park.

The look: Chapel-shaped doors, soothing green walls, bargain bins, homely and inviting

Hot feature: Kids gear as low as $1, linen for 50c and bargain bins- get ready to dive in!

Extra: Grab a home made jam bottle or cake to take home.

The crew: Reminded me of my sweet Nanni! Friendly and full of smiles.

Get there: Corner of The Parade & Portrush Road, Beulah Park. Enter via Union St.

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 10am-4pm/ Sat: 10am – 1pm. Plenty of parking space in the church grounds.


Needs: Volunteers, donation of clothing, goods, books and bric-a-brac

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