Diva’s Top Ten List

It wasn’t easy compiling a list of my favourite op shops in Adelaide, let alone share some of my prized possessions. There are simply too many to choose from and each deserved every mention where possible.

So, I came up with a list of stores which truly connected with my shopping experience.  Every item I bought reflected a piece of history of the previous owner or artisan that poured their sense of creativity and love in their respective masterpiece. I’ve scoured the racks, aisles, bin boxes and tables searching for troves.  It gives me great pleasure to reveal my Top Ten list and some amazing treasures I’ve brought home, for my family and I to love and keep.

Here are the list in no particular preference.

1. Savers, Noarlunga

2. Big A, Cumberland Park

3. Aggies Shop, Unley

4. Goodwill, Blackwood

5. Salvos, Port Adelaide

6. Vinnies, Hawthorn

7. Red Threads, Glenelg

8. RSPCA, Brighton

9. Vinnies, The Parade

10. Goodies, Portrush Road

When I wore this jacket at school pick up, I received lots of attention from my fellow school dads. Either they had a brilliant sense of fashion or they were trying to wrestle another home cooked curry from me! Nevertheless, I was flattered and told them where their wives could head to, for a fun and fashionable op shopping experience. I simply love this piece; a perfect throw over a jeans, office dress or weekend leggings. Best of all, it only cost me 50 cents. Ahhhh…a sweet deal from the bargain rack!

A perfect winter jacket.

Shoes- I love them! This leather winter boots was purchased two years ago and I believe has found a new home to another op shopper.

A pair of sexy boots to complete my winter outfits. Bought for under $9.

Apart from bags, books and scarves- I must have my accessories and am always on the look out for bold and unique statements. I’m a bit of a sui generis- I like my individual style and my faithful friends have given me top marks for my new finds. Here are some of my collection- I’m so proud I sourced them all at my local op shops.

A lady is never complete without her platter of accessories.

I ADORE pre-loved and vintage furnitures. My home boast some beautiful hand picked items. I wanted to create a reading corner, where I could lay my books carelessly on the floor and throw a shawl or two across the chair for those dreadful winter days. Mostly, I wanted a space to reflect and to inspire me for my next creative project.  I love the bold colours and most of all the intricate fabric- I’ve found my perfect oasis, although my two champs usually take refuge here with my iPad!

A spot to reflect. A gorgeous reading chair with American Oak legs and intricate fabric-$20.

I’ve always been intrigued by Indian paintings and portraits. This batik inspired portrait was bursting with passion and coy-the ‘tabla’ player calls out to his lover as she gesture her hand to the rhythmic beat . It reminded me of a folklore village scene from a Bollywood movie.

Two gorgeous Indian village lovers dance. Bought for a humble $5.

I taught my precious boys well in picking out a bargain or two. These are some of their purchases. Bumblebee- $2, Spiderman- $2 and Buzz Lightyear spaceship (home to many Storm Troopers)- $2.99

Even my sons op shops!!

It was so easy to fall in love with Dolly Rose.  Decked in a straw hat with baby roses, floral dress paired with a copper-pearl brooch and a soft lace apron decked with wooden heart/star shaped buttons; I knew I had to bring her home.  I will dedicate a separate blog post for Dolly Rose, be sure to look out for it. Isn’t she just lovely?

Sweet Dolly Rose- 1996. Paid $7 for this beauty.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list and photos. Be sure to head out to some of the above op shops and enjoy a fulfilling shopping experience. If you come across a unique item, be sure to share it with us. I love to hear what you picked up from your recent op shop experience.

Much love,

The Diva xxx

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5 Responses to Diva’s Top Ten List

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  2. peta stuckey says:

    hi , just let you know to take a drive to mt barker some time ,there are 8 op-shops there so you really need to spend the day, i personally like the adra mt barker shop , because like all of there stores they keep there prices extremely low, catering for the low income and disavataged people, (which is the whole idea of a op shop). also the people who wok at these stores are so freindly i know because i work there, allways welcome to stop in for a chat and the gr8 treasure hunt…xx

  3. Carol Hester says:

    The Salvos Thrift Shop at 632 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown, near Gorge Road has had a makeover during the last 6 or 8 months and is now beautifully displayed and has heaps of books, furniture, sometimes 1940’s beautiful dressing tables, occasional antique pieces, upmarket brand clothing but masses of clothes at low prices also, great shoes, heaps of them, pretty bric-a-brac and loads of handbags. Some Vintage stuff too. Worth a look


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