Inspirations for the New Year

Treasures in the countryside.

Happy Twenty Eleven! A new decade is before us, I am excited and filled with momentum to take on this year!

As we usher in the new year, I like to challenge you to op shop, at least once a week or every fortnight. I’ve penned some fun resolutions and inspirations for the new year, I’d love for you to take some on board the next time you grab your shopping bag and head out your door.

1.  Commit to op shopping every fortnight.

2. Explore new op shops in various suburbs or in your travels.

3. Bring home a new furnishing item sourced from an op shop.

4. Plan your next party outfit from an op shop- from head to toe!

5. Forget the big boys- pick up a new pre-loved toy from an op shop.

6. Source paintings and artworks to decorate that barren wall space.

7. Birthdays/celebrations? Add something quirky, vintage or Victorian to a new gift. Your friend will love you for it!

8. Bring your overseas and interstate friends/family to an op shop tour!

9. Give back- declutter your wardrobe and home, and ensure they’re off to your favourite op shop.

10. Set aside one month to op shop.

Are you ready for some op shop adventure? Let’s go!

The Diva x

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2 Responses to Inspirations for the New Year

  1. Abigail says:

    I love to op shop and yes I enjoy doing the rounds .A lot of my shoes and out fits have come from op shops I picked up my lounge suite from an auction and a lot of my furnishings are from op shops . I like op shopping so much I have started volunteering at my local op shop which has its advantages ,as I can get discounts now and I also get first pick of all the things that I sort .I love to op shop it beats buying full retail

    • Op Shop Diva says:

      Hello Abigail! It’s always a pleasure meeting another op lover or shall I say ‘oppie’! 🙂 It’s wonderful to hear you’re volunteering at an op shop. May I ask which store? Thanks for dropping in and happy op shopping!

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