The Diva

Courtesy of LeapWords PR

If these boots could talk..

GAP may don my silhouette, my toes tap softly in the luxurious sole pads of Nine West and my arms scream out a denim embossed Guess bag. Call me a fashion conscious woman, but as much as I love my brands, I find much satisfaction in the humbler ‘brands’ at church run or stylish city-based op shops.

I’ve resorted to a budget friendly manner in updating my wardrobe through finds in op shops, garage sales and weekend markets.

Result: My clothing and accessories collection are versatile, chic and define my colourful and outgoing personality.

I thrive in giving pre-loved and second hand treasures a new breath of life.

My personal quest in op shopping purely goes to being eco-friendly and doing my part in reducing the carbon footprint in today’s society. I’m here to tell you that you can dress up, decorate your home and update your image in a budget friendly manner- the op shop way! Explore new ways to get pre-loved items in your home today!

Join me on my journey as I unravel the hidden secrets to a good op shop experience. Come meet my  ‘new friends’ who will find a new place in my diva world.

Op shopping- the modern way to shop!

The Diva x

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