Fair Tuesday-Supporting The Rock Stars of Fair Trade.

With a flurry of internet and retail sales occuring last week in the US, what with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those who prefer to support ethical and Fair Trade shopping, can bask in the sales of Fair Tuesday.

Launched by New York based nonprofit Global Goods Partners, and currently creating buzz on twitter with its hashtag #FairTuesday, it aims to educate consumers to shop and support Fair Trade businesses. A Fair Trade organisation, Global Goods supports 40 women-led artisan groups in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Fair Tuesday kicks off today, Tuesday, November 27th and for those of you who are making your Christmas list, check out this fantastic list of Fair Trade partners, you may want to include some lovely artisan made gifts to your ‘naughty or nice’ list.

I found some online Fair Trade products that I liked. Have a look at them.

1. Stop Traffick Fashion– products are made by survivors of human trafficking. 30% sale.

2. Mayan Hands– I love the manger set. What vivid colours! 20% sale.

3. Swahili Imports– Don’t throw that sardine tin. Check out the recycled trash art products here.

I hope you support #FairTuesday and perhaps these beautiful Fair Trade products may find their way nestled under your Christmas tree. I believe in buying ethically sourced and sustainable gifts for my loved ones, knowing my purchases will empower mothers in Third World Countries and help build schools and buildings for the less fortunate. This Christmas, be a smart ethical shopper. Choose Fair Trade. I will. Will you?

Kamini xx

Image sourced from website, with thanks, via Global Goods Partners.

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Salvos Pop Up Store- Adelaide Railway Station

Have I got some good news for you, my fellow treasure hunters and keen-as op shoppers! This Friday September 28, grab your eco shopping bags and head out to Salvos Stores pop-up store at the Adelaide Railway Station, from 1pm-6pm.

Salvos Stores will host this one off pop-up store for one day, as it celebrates its 130 years as an Australian institution of helping the disadvantaged communities. If you’ve ever wondered where your donation of goods or shopping goes to, here’s a quick snippet of info of how Salvos carries out its community work:

In a typical week, The Salvation Army provides approximately:

  • 100,000 meals and 8,000 food vouchers for the hungry
  • 2,000 beds for the homeless
  • 1,000 people with assistance in finding employment
  • Refuge for 500 victims of abuse
  • Assistance to 500 people with drug, alcohol and gambling problems
  • Offering assistance to thousands of people with counselling
  • 3,000 people with aged care services
  • Family tracing services to aid in locating missing family members

As always, I do encourage you to support your local op shops and shop preloved, as our sustainable purchases goes to many great causes. So, will I see you at the pop-up store this Friday? Expect to find good quality preloved threads, accessories and a host of bric a brac and give your home and wardrobe its much deserved spring makeover.

I was happy to secure an email interview opportunity with Tanya-Marie Richens, Salvos Store Manager at Kensington Gardens. Tanya previously came from a disadvantaged background and here she shares with me how Salvos stepped in and gave her hope to make something good for herself. I wish Tanya every happiness, warm wishes and certainly good blessings for her life.

a) What are your aspirations now?

I want to stay with Salvos Stores until I retire! I want to continue to improve the Kensington Gardens store by providing a great service to our customers.

b) What advise can you give to the youths who come from a disadvantaged background?

If people need help, I encourage them to contact The Salvation Army to provide assistance. The Salvation Army helped change my life. Once I was in contact with them, I set a goal and achieved baby steps to work up to it.

c) How did the Salvos help reunite you with your dad?

I ended up on the street when I found out the man I believed to be my dad wasn’t my biological father. The Salvation Army helped me by putting me into housing. I gave them everything I knew about my biological father including his name, approximate age and state he was in at the time. Within three months they had found him and I was able to meet him.

d) Your best moments working as a Salvos Store Manager

I ensure every store I work at becomes a success, because I know that the extra money I make goes to people in need. The best part of my job is knowing that by doing well I am helping others.

e) Best features of Kensington Garden store?

Our store has a boutique feel and great merchandising. I show people that you can take second hand items and make things look great. I have an excellent team of staff and two dedicated volunteers. We have vintage and designer stock, clothing, hand bags and shoes.

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The day I brought a Louboutin home

This blog post needs no introduction as I’m gonna let my accompanying photos speak for itself. I must thank my twitter friend Erica for the heads up as I hit the Salvos store on Morphett St, and brought these hot babies home.



Yes, I did good yesterday. I can finally say that I’m a proud owner of a Louboutin and a hot YSL. These pairs were brand new and the real deal too! ( I don’t buy or support fake goods). The usual RRP are above $1k and these hot shoes were going for $90 each.

Erica did good too. Way good! She snapped this delicious looking Manolo’s. I’m still drooling over them. Well done Erica!


Whilst I was there, I came across a stunning spring frock by Liza Emanuele, priced at $14.99. Enter drooling session Part 2.


This Salvos store is a goldmine of preloved designer labels. One that I adore the most. Why buy full price when you can thrift for these gems?

There’s still a couple of new designer shoes left at this store plus my friend Chloe, the Manager of Red Cross Rundle tells me they received a similar donation of brand new designer shoes. Get in there soon my fashionable friends and embrace that Carrie Bradshaw moment!

Kamini xx

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Fashion inspirations for school mums

“What do I wear today?”. A common question shared by thousands of school mums who inspects their wardrobe, their mirror, only to find themselves in front of their wardrobe doors again.

School drop off, pick ups, soccer practices, chess meets, ballet classes, language classes, playdates, weekend footy and soccer matches and the endless list goes on.

What do I wear? Depending on the weather, location and if I’m tuned to a fashionable mood, I usually inject colour, comfort and style to my outfits. On some days, I pick out the 3 minute wardrobe. What’s a 3 minute wardrobe you ask? See below.

I love scanning the street-styled school mums at my school. Some are fashionable, some march in with their corporate suits, others prefer the comfort of their trackies and runners (I call them the Gym Goddess) and then there are those who throw the 3 minute wardrobe: See t-shirt, jeans and sneaker moms.

On that note, I’ve put together three fashion collages here; to inspire you, to give you some motivation to step out from your monotonous outfits, and try something different when you do your usual runs. We school mums certainly deserve a bit of pamper and style in our lifestyle too, seeing how we’re always on auto mode.

1. Morning Delights:

Kick start your school drop off, with a hint of fashion in your morning wardrobe. A little colour, something fashionable, comfy flats and a splash of make up will ensure you look fresh and ready for that girls coffee meet up, as you leap from classroom to cafe. Perfect for all school mums!

Morning Delights

2. The White Swan

A stylish and easy to assemble outfit as you accompany your daughter to ballet classes. Sit back and gaze at your princess as her graceful moves warms your soul.

The White Swan

3. Soccer Mums Rule!

Perfect pitch. Perfect goals. Perfect stylish soccer mums. If you’re like me, scream out loud when your son scores his first hat-trick!

Soccer Mums Rule!

I’m dedicating this blog post to all my Jessie Gals. The fun loving, smart, creative, dreams pursuing and hilarious school mums. For the times when we cheered and celebrated our victories at soccer matches, whispered silly conversations during school assembly, giggled uncontrollably during school pick ups and waved madly across the road as curious onlookers from the cars stare at us with dismay. I have truly enjoyed your company and look forward to many crazy fun days ahead!

Three cheers to fashion and friendship!

Keep smiling,

Kamini xx

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Have a vintage weekend in Adelaide!

There’s plenty happening this weekend in the fifth most liveable city in the world. Yes, that’s Adelaide my friends! Here’s my favourite pick of events across Adelaide, for this weekend.

1. 22nd Strathalbyn Collectors, Hobbies and Antique Fair.

Where: Many locations across Strathalbyn.

Dates: August 18th-19th

Grab programme info: Antique Fair

Don’t miss: The huge Sunday open air market on Ashbourne Street from 8am-4pm.

Look out for: Mini Antiques Roadshow by famed BBC Bargain Hunt presenter, Tim Wonnacott on Sunday.

2. Adelaide Vintage Expo

Where: Ridley Pavilion, Adelaide Showgrounds

Dates: August 17th-19th

Grab programme info: Adelaide Vintage Expo

Don’t  miss: Embrace that Sha Na Na mode with a delightful array of dance workshops.

Look out for: Yelp Dress Up photo booth and say hello to my gorgeous friend Chloe from Yelp Adelaide!

3. Gilles St Market

Where:91 Gilles St.

Dates: August 19th

Grab programme info: Gilles St Market

Don’t  miss: Grab a bargain of hot items under $10 mostly spotted in suitcases, baskets and table stalls.

Look out for: Vege burgers from Veggie Velo food stall.

4. Willunga Swap Meet

Where: Lions Willunga Sale Yards, Binney Road

Dates: August 19th

Grab programme info: Swap Meets

Don’t miss: Fabulous swap meets every Sun at various locations

Look out for: Crafts, toys, treasures and more!

Enjoy your weekend my beautiful readers!

Kamini xx

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Short Film: THE OP SHOP

What a delight to have this media release come into my inbox today.  Think op shop, huggable Nanna types volunteers and your TV screen. At the comfort of your home and your warm couch, Australian Lee Rogers brings you the THE OP SHOP. 

This seven minute short film portays three spirited elderly ladies who come across an unusual donated object in an op shop, and each goes through a journey of self discovery as they try to decipher the purpose of the object. The film brings strings of surprises and abundance of humour, a familiar scenario I’m guessing volunteers encounter with their daily discoveries of quirky donated goods.

THE OP SHOP short film scooped the Best Comedy award at the Las Vegas Film Festival, earned an Audience Favourite vote at the Palm Springs International Shortfest and earned the Best Comedy gong at the Mexico International Film Festival.

Lee Rogers has certainly captured the essence of the op shop culture that Australians have come to love (from what I gathered in the film trailer) as the movie graces local and international film festivals shores.

Claim the TV remote on Sunday, August 19th and tune into SBSTWO at 9.25PM to catch this short film together with a series of other short films that will be featured that night.

Here’s a sneak peek of THE OP SHOP. I can’t wait to watch this. Perhaps, I’ll raid my op shops this weekend and see if I can discover any unusual object. If you happen to find one, share it with us here.

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Review: Aggies Op Shop

As you drive along Unley Road, you can’t help but notice the stunning architecture of an old church, St.Augustine’s Anglican Church, nestled in the leafy surroundings of Unley’s bustling neighbourhood, next door to the Unley Council office and library.

The church as most churches in Adelaide, runs an op shop, one that I am fond of. As you enter into the courtyard of Aggies op shop, a water feature welcomes you and a strategically placed clothing rack poised outdoor, bearing preloved threads and a handsomely 50% sale tag is a welcome sign to many.

A chapel shaped entrance framed with warm tones of bricks, portraits of oil and pastel paintings lay outside the entrance, onced presumably hanged over a fireplace mantle, for guests to gaze and boast of the painters artistic strokes.

Inside the warm walls of Aggies, stand in awe of the high beams that almost stretch out to welcome you into their safe bossom. High ceilings, beautiful crafted wooden beams perched against wooden slates, stack in uniformity. I can almost hear the choir rejoice, if I for a moment close my eyes, and imagine them clothed in their beautiful robes, stand before this very warm walls and majestic beams.

As you can tell, I come here to shop and certainly take in the beautiful and calm aura, which seems to exist in this very old and humble building.

It’s my refuge when I want to score a pair of beautiful shoes, designer tops (which I have brought many home), paintings, unique bric a brac and clothing gear for the kids.

I found myself chatting with a well dressed and poised lady who clearly lives in the posh hood postcode, and enjoys thrifting shoes and boots here. She tells me how she spotted seven pair of luxurious winter boots last week ( she had a Cinderella moment and bought one) and how Aggies seem to have good supply of dress shoes…ranging from kitten heel, stiletto, bridal shoes, pumps, flats, sling backs and more! Clearly, they are getting gently loved donations from women in the ‘posh hood postcode’.

We soon started pointing out our favourite shoes types and even passed on the bigger shoe size to me (I’m a size 8 1/2 or 9). She scored a couple of shoes, me nil. But I enjoyed the fittings and the humble catwalk I took on the wooden floors, much to everyone’s amusement.

A jewellery box, oil and vinegar bottle in a rack and a classic Victorian jug are some of the items that I scooped from Aggies. Pictures to follow suit. Read on to find out what makes Aggies a hot favourite for many to shop at.

In brief:

What’s this: Aggies op shop.

The look: Cathedral accents.

Hot feature: Dark ceiling beams, chapel shaped doors and walls.

Extra: Floor spills with racks of ladies clothing.

The crew: Have You Met My Nanna? Friendly. Cheerful. Comical.

Get there: 183, Unley Road, Unley.

Website: St Augustine’s

Opening hours: Tuesday- Friday: 10am- 3pm, Saturday: 9.30am- 1pm

Needs: Clothing, bric a brac. Does not sell furnitures.

Enjoy these pictures of Aggies and be sure to include them at your next op shop outing.








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